So, we bought a smoothie maker from lidls yesterday. We wanted it so breakfast wouldn’t be such a chore. 

Last night we tried a strawberry, banana and kiwi one (I loved it!!) 

Then Reg tried a spinach based one. I really didn’t like it! 

Then this morning I made this: 1 cup spinach, 1 kiwi, 1 banana and some milk. Now that’s breakfast!!!! 

Hopefully this will be the start of a better diet!!! 


What’s on my table 

I’ve seen other blog posts of this nature, so I thought I’d do this (while you can still see my desk!) 

I have oracle cards on there because I’m currently doing a course on oracle cards (I’m a tarot reader but I love oracle cards!) 

the altoid tin has pans of watercolour in it. 

The two little jam pots have water for cleaning my brushes:)

The Salt lamp adds a glow and concentration to my work 🙂

The colour wheel chopping board came from home bargains and I find it a real inspiration.

The red case contains some Of my traveling kit. 

The book is my current work – watercolour mapping. 

What is on your table? 


Rolly the Rolodex

Well hello again.

I’ve been a bit non-creative as i went into hospital for what was supposed to be a quick procedure. I landed up staying overnight and being quite unwell.

Anyway, Jo came to see me , and borrow something. We talked about swapping Rolodexes as I didn’t like the whiteness of my Heidi Swapp one. She gave me this:


meet Rolly the Rolodex. Its much smaller and i love it!!! its not so pristine and clinical, as my old one was.

if you want to find out what I am doing then here’s a link to my Pinterest board I hope you find it interesting, and DO follow me on Pinterest if you wish!!! 🙂


First index card – “nothing to pay” 

Finally I got round to using my Memorydex by Heidi Swapp . Basically, it’s just a Rolodex updated and used for crafting. 

So, here’s my first attempt: I used paper for the background, ink (dropped on the paper) followed by embossing powder in gold, then the found word sentence. I really enjoyed using the found word, as it brings a whole new slant. The idea is from Packer Di Packer Di –

I hope you like it! 

Take care! 

Cheryl x 


Art magazine review – “Paint & Draw”

This Magazine is fairly new – I found it today, and it’s only issue 6. 

I got it from Asda supermarket, and it’s £4:99. 

This particular issue was 98 pages.

It covered a wide range of mediums from watercolour classics to abstracts, texture, sketches and more. Interviews with artists and information on their studio is included too. 

There are workshops included, and they are very detailed with pictures too, so it’s easy to follow along – they also include the links to videos of the workshop in question (not all of them, but most) !! 

This magazine is published by 


I really enjoyed this magazine, it’s very varied so something can be learned from many areas, in an informative way. There’s plenty of pictures as you would expect and the workshops very helpful and interesting. A great read if you’re into art! 

Paint and draw magazine

art, Colour mapping, Meditative

Results of the page test, and more! 

Remember I started a book for my meditative painting? I was going to try the first page, to see if the paper was any good. Here’s the results:

It’s not great, but I haven’t put the gel pen on yet, it might look better then! 

On Tuesday Sasha came over and we did an art journal lesson. It went really well.

I went to see Jo today – here’s us, and the face she drew:


Jo’s work. It’s really lovely! She gave me goodies to open prior to going into hospital (I’m going in for a little visit next week) which is so kind of her!! ❤️ – I haven’t opened them yet!!!! 

So, lots to do tomorrow (a woman’s work is never done) 🙂 

See you soon arty peeps!!! 


Meditative, watercolour

Book cover 

I’ve found a spare blank journal to use for my meditative art. Here’s the front cover:

Sorry I can’t make the picture any smaller!

The white background is gesso, as I thought it would be a good base for working on. I’ve yet to try the paper – that’s today’s  aim, in between working- I’ll keep you posted!

Do you do meditative art? If so, what do you do? I’d be interested to know!


Yes, I’m back!

I actually forgot about this blog, but now I’ve remembered it, I’m here!

Ive been fairly busy, both with work and art.

My hubby paid for me to Tamara Laporte’s life book 2017 and I’m loving the journey. 

I’ve been learning about different mediums and how they work, and other stuff.

Heres some of my latest work:

first up, one of the lessons from life book:





And here’s something I am into, from an idea in heARTjournal magazine:


The above was very meditative to do, and I’m actually thinking of devoting an entire journal to this, because it’s so calming.

Well, that’s all for now, folks 🙂