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Angelic weekend :)

I spent this weekend being attuned to Angelic Reiki. I am now an Angelic Reiki Master! Yay!!! 😇😇😇

Here’s a picture of us all with our certificates :

We had a lovely time and the energy was amazing. 
Today, I was unwell (not connected to the weekend) so the washing up got delayed. 
…look what I found in the sink: 
I think the Angels are following me around 🙂 

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Happy mail – stencil and ascetate stamping

I got more happy mail yesterday! The lovely Debby gifted me a stencil that I totally loved! I don’t have many stencils so I’m really grateful. She also included some stamped butterflies and dragonflies, some on acetate with an explanation of how to work with them 🙂 

I’m very excited as on the stencil packaging it said you could emboss with it, and I’m going to try that!!! Watch this space 🙂 

Remington Monarch 1, retro, Typewriter

New typewriter!!!

On Monday I popped into a club I belong to and they had a typewriter for sale. Now, ive wanted one for ages! I wanted to use it with my journaling 🙂

This model is a Remington Monarch 1, made approximately in 1973. I will get a new ribbon for it as it needs one and I need to sort out the clips that move the ribbon when typing, as they are failing to move. I cannot wait to get it up and running! Perhaps that book everyone has told me I should write will finally be written!!!! 
Better pictures will follow, once it’s cleaned up 🙂 

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Friday trip out! :)

So, its been an interesting week (to say the least) but finished well enough.

working backwards, on Friday, i went to visit Jo, of

She is also a member of the craft group and doesnt live very far from me at all! so, we did some crafting and i explained heat embossing and page distressing. All of this was done in her studio which is stunning.

I had never met someone who suffers from epilepsy like Jo, before. It was certainly an eduation, and im amazed she is so happy and smiley. Certainly a lesson to us all. I will be interviewing her later this week, so please do watch for it! 🙂

Here are some pictures of the day:

Jo and I
me and Squirt Darwin, her pet tortoise. Its sooo tiny and cute!
the goodies I gave Jo.

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My latest project – art calendar

I am a subscriber of heART Magazine, which is digital. I love it!

Anyway, within that magazine, was a tutorial on calendar journaling. I thought I would have a go as it combines two of my fave things: journaling and diarying. I was really excited to do this and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The tutorial was by Kate Crane. 
Here’s my version:
First the background:

Then the squares (1.5 inches each, as  cut by my delightful hubby) 

Numbered squares and adhered with Matt mod podge 🙂 

The squares are different here as there were a few the same all together so I made it more evenly coloured. 

I’ll be adding more pictures as I fill this in. I’ve yet to put the month at the top, and attach a picture I stamped and coloured . 
Here’s  the link to a tutorial from her blog:
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Another busy day, and cream tea too!

Hello Readers! 

It’s been a rush around week this week, but today we managed some respite. 
Reg needed an eye test so we popped to whitstable, and I took advantage and went to the craft shop while I was there. I bought a few dies at 2:00 each. They were such a bargain I couldn’t walk out without them. (That’s my excuse anyway!)
Then a trip into George’s, where I discovered they sold embellishments, washi tape and roller glue. So, I splurged a little there too. Everything was around a pound!!!! 
Here’s my combined shopping:
In the afternoon, we went to Mortimers in Herne Bay as we won a cream tea for 4 in a raffle for kids with cancer. It was lovely:

We went with our friends Brenda and graham. It was really good and highly recommended! 

I’ll be line dancing next week to wear it off!!! 
Have a good weekend!!!
happy mail,

Yet more happy mail!!!

I didn’t have the best day yesterday. It was a little stressful but I have made a decision 🙂 

On a good note, among yesterday’s madness I got some happy mail and no one has said who sent it even though I’ve asked:) here it is:
So I’m very pleased but I’d love to thank the sender 🙂 
It was another mad day, and I worked in the evening:
It was good fun, but hard work. 
I’ve got some mad days ahead but I’m looking forward to a relaxing Sunday, finishing off some swap items 🙂 
Happy Friday!!!!!