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My latest project – art calendar

I am a subscriber of heART Magazine, which is digital. I love it!

Anyway, within that magazine, was a tutorial on calendar journaling. I thought I would have a go as it combines two of my fave things: journaling and diarying. I was really excited to do this and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The tutorial was by Kate Crane. 
Here’s my version:
First the background:

Then the squares (1.5 inches each, as  cut by my delightful hubby) 

Numbered squares and adhered with Matt mod podge 🙂 

The squares are different here as there were a few the same all together so I made it more evenly coloured. 

I’ll be adding more pictures as I fill this in. I’ve yet to put the month at the top, and attach a picture I stamped and coloured . 
Here’s  the link to a tutorial from her blog:

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