Art journal page, collage, gelato, mixed medium

Latest journal page

Well, I’ve been busy, but I have been doing this journal page as I walked by it from time to time. I’d put a layer on, then walk off to do some work, then as I walked back, I did another:) I’ve not finished it yet, but I wanted to share because I really like it. 🙂 for some reason I can’t put the whole picture in here! But this gives you an idea of the page anyway! 

angel, brain dump, Gesso, journal, Kelly Rae Roberts

Gesso and tracing

I was really lucky on Sunday. The rugby was on so Reg watched it, which gave me the perfect opportunity to do some arty stuff 🙂

First of all I gesso’d pages in several journals, so they would all be ready for painting over. 
When my journal “brain dump ” was dry I drew an angel inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts’s work.
Gesso – a primer for paper so that it can accept paint onto it, with minimal absorption. 🙂 

A couple of gesso’d pages – I believe this is my brain dump one. I did all my journals 🙂 
The Angel inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts:
Yes I know it’s not great, but it’s not meant to be perfect. It’s actually called “Embrace Imperfection ” . As yet, it’s not quite finished. 

colour,, mimi bondi, workshop

ive been painting!!!

I have finally bitten the bullet and bought an art course. Its with Mini Bondi and its brilliant! im very pleased of what I have acheived, even with the first lesson! even I can do it!!!

Here is my warm up exercise:

I have had very positive reviews of this, on facebook. One lady even wanted it!!!! im really pleased with it, and it looks better in person (something I never thought id say).

Today, Reg has bought me some new brushes and different acrylic colours. so that is really good. Now I have the right shapes to work with. I just have to get a flower stencil, but I might use what I have because I can’t afford to go mad 🙂

Oh and I got to wear my red boots today – its colder and winter is on the way 🙂, presents, steampunk

A visit to Jo – and goodies :)

I went to my friend jo’s house and I gave her some things I wasn’t using any more. She gave me some presents!!! Here they are!!! I was really spoilt! 

Blinged book!!! 
Starry earrings Jo made 🙂
Wooden steampunk tag

Steampunk heart on a ribbon

Steampunk coaster 
Chakra charm
Tea tree wax melts

A lavender candle 🙂

Planner stuff! 

See, I said I was spoilt!!! I had a really nice time with Jo. She’s such a cool person:) 👍


More art journal pages

Heres some more work I’ve done. I’ve been really busy, but I have at least managed to lose myself in some journaling:) 

This page is about embracing change and shifting focus. 
This is called balance. It’s chakra colours with colour peps and water. 🙂 

This was done for my friend Jo, as we are collaborating on a journal together. It’s her first foray into journaling. It’s my first home bound journal 🙂