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People that inspire me – part 1

I am often looking at the work from people that inspire me, and I thought i would make a list.

Its in no particular order, I love them all equally 🙂

I an starting with Effy Wild . I have only just discovered her and it seems she has really been though a difficult time, but this is shown through her work. You can visit her Ning site here and even join it if you so wish: 

Then we have Willowing who I believe I have written about before. She is positively Angelic!!! Again she has a Ning site which you can join:

There are some wonderful bloggers out there –

Here is a list of those I find particularly inspiring:

Artful Evidence

Jenniebellie Studio – this one I have followed since I got into Art Journalling. Jennibellie is great and also has a Ning site –

nitis art from the heart

Seth Apter

Kate Crane

Who inspires you? 🙂

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Supply review – Colour Peps Smoothies

This is the first in my supplies reviews . I have lots of materials, and i want to share the details because it could be interesting for someone:)

The first of the review posts is Colour Peps Smoothies. These are childrens art supplies but are very much like gelatos yet so much cheaper! They do all the same things that gelatos do, but are a fraction of the price. They are water soluble crayons, and are easy to use. 
They screw up, the same as gelatos, the colour is bright and creamy. They dont seem to blend as well, but i think I just need to practice more! 
You can add water to these which means they are fab for backgrounds. The only complaint i have is that I believe these are the only colours. 
I got mine for £5:00 from Sainsbury (in the UK) , and are easily available online (try ebay) . 

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Why journal?

My mum, who isnt known for her artistic tendencies , asked me why I have taken up art journaling.

My mum has never drawn, she doesn’t really share how she feels, whereas I do. Herein lies the reason why i like to journal:

  • I enjoy it, it helps me gather my thoughts and solidify how I feel.
  • It helps me make sense of my world.
  • It is like a meditation for me
  • It brings colour into my life, and as a colour therapist, that’s important to me.
  • It stretches my mind and imagination 
  • It makes me look at the world in a new way
  • It makes life fun!
So, I need to ask… why do you journal? If you don’t, what do you do instead? id love to know! 🙂 

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Catch up :) 15-11-15

I seem to be chasing my tail at the moment! 

I have done lesson two of the Mimi Bondi no shenanigans course: 
Im not over fond of my results although i learned a lot. I bought crackle medium today, so ill cover it with that and see what happens;) 
And, as ever, ive done some journal pages:
Close ups:
This was a print pdf i bought from etsy with some others 

This is stuck down with velcro. Journaling is underneath 
This was made by the lovely Jo! From her pocket letter 🙂 
And then i ran out of mojo, so i did this small index card. 

I hope you like what ive done 🙂 

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Finished journal page and my first painting!!!

I finished the journal page i started :

The whole page
The quote says: don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, that’s where all the best fruit is. 
I do feel rather like thats me now 🙂 – im going out on a limb!! 
Heres my first ever painting: 

I am going to give it to my friend brenda, who gave me a painting a couple of weeks ago. 🙂 its done with water colour pencils and i really enjoyed it! Im pleased with it! 🙂 

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A happy blog page!

After the darkness of the last journal spread i wanted to be a little less intense. So, i was inspired by the You Tube videos of Nicoletta Zanella, and did this happy page. Its the first time ive collaged, and as yet, incomplete, but i wanted to put it up because it makes me happy 🙂 

Ive used gelatos for the background, and a Stabilo all pencil in brown to outline. Ive yet to put some doors on, and more “stuff” 🙂 i must admit i am enjoying this page!!! 🙂 

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Ive been a busy girl!

So, yes, ive been busy . Thats nothing new, but yesterday i got the chance to spend the entire day in the shed!!! This meant – a new journal page and cutting up a cardboard box for a free course im taking 🙂 

I wanted to work with a black base. Ive never used black paint before and had to buy a little pot. Oh boy, does it go everywhere!!!!!!!!! I put gelatoes down, the sprayed water on them, held the page up, and watched it drip. I used spare cardboard, putting paint on its edge, to create a focal point. I put marks on the page with an old credit card too. This is the result and i love it! Im amazed what this paper withstood!!! : 
I like it. I felt it was what i wanted. 🙂
Now onto that course thats free – heres the link:
The course is about allowing yourself to play. 
So far, ive done the permission slip: 

This is hanging over my studio area for added permission 🙂 i sprayed it with airondack ink the by putting it in a spray bottle. 
I have done part of the cardboard album , ive not completed covering it yet, as i left it all drying 🙂 
The course is free, and it is great fun, and theres a facebook group to go with it. Its a closed group so you arent sharing with the whole world 🙂 do join it, i highly recommend carolyn Dube. Ill post the pages later today.