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Ive been a busy girl!

So, yes, ive been busy . Thats nothing new, but yesterday i got the chance to spend the entire day in the shed!!! This meant – a new journal page and cutting up a cardboard box for a free course im taking 🙂 

I wanted to work with a black base. Ive never used black paint before and had to buy a little pot. Oh boy, does it go everywhere!!!!!!!!! I put gelatoes down, the sprayed water on them, held the page up, and watched it drip. I used spare cardboard, putting paint on its edge, to create a focal point. I put marks on the page with an old credit card too. This is the result and i love it! Im amazed what this paper withstood!!! : 
I like it. I felt it was what i wanted. 🙂
Now onto that course thats free – heres the link:
The course is about allowing yourself to play. 
So far, ive done the permission slip: 

This is hanging over my studio area for added permission 🙂 i sprayed it with airondack ink the by putting it in a spray bottle. 
I have done part of the cardboard album , ive not completed covering it yet, as i left it all drying 🙂 
The course is free, and it is great fun, and theres a facebook group to go with it. Its a closed group so you arent sharing with the whole world 🙂 do join it, i highly recommend carolyn Dube. Ill post the pages later today. 


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