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Supply review – Colour Peps Smoothies

This is the first in my supplies reviews . I have lots of materials, and i want to share the details because it could be interesting for someone:)

The first of the review posts is Colour Peps Smoothies. These are childrens art supplies but are very much like gelatos yet so much cheaper! They do all the same things that gelatos do, but are a fraction of the price. They are water soluble crayons, and are easy to use. 
They screw up, the same as gelatos, the colour is bright and creamy. They dont seem to blend as well, but i think I just need to practice more! 
You can add water to these which means they are fab for backgrounds. The only complaint i have is that I believe these are the only colours. 
I got mine for £5:00 from Sainsbury (in the UK) , and are easily available online (try ebay) . 


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