The empathy feather

imageyesterday, I did an empathy feather, which is part of the woman unleashed retreat I’m doing. It really has been a total retreat! The link is – www.womanunleashedretreat.com

Anyway, the feather is part of the course, and Tamara la Porte took this section. First I did a questionare, along the lines of how I feel, using nonviolent communication.

Then I went on to write the words that arose from the exercise , within the feather. It was a very healing thing to do, and one i intend to repeat. I would definitely suggest doing this as I found it empowering and useful.



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A new desk,a painting , and wrapping paper


Today my husband built a computer desk for me to craft on, in the house! So now I don’t have to go out to the shed to do it ( which is very good, especially with the weather we’ve been having lately!) here it is:


I have done a painting for my friend as a present. It is heavily inspired by Tamara La Porte. Here it is:





i decided to wrap it in grease proof paper to protect it as well as wrap it.

Heres the paper, and the painting wrapped. 🙂

see you you next time 🙂





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A happy page and the Ugly page:)

I was putting  candle wax on my pages to stop them sticking( a tip from Mimi Bondi) , and I came across this happy page – I obviously did this In a moment of happiness , and it shows, the colours are great and it’s just an altogether happy page!


The Ugly Page

well, it had to happen sooner or later – a page that is ugly. I have managed to bring a few pages back from the brink, but this one was lovely to start with, and I’m not sure what I was thinking (indeed did I think?!) I must say that I enjoyed it though! It’s called “enjoy the process” but even the words aren’t clearly written, but I truly did enjoy this though, and my art journal is for me, so there’s no real judgement there 🙂


Have a crafty day!




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Book review- creative girl by Danielle Donaldson

I got this book for my birthday in November , but it didn’t come until this past week.

Although this book is primarily about water colours, there is mixed media too. Colour is explored, doodling, composition and visual tension. I have done two of the exercises and I found them enjoyable and most importantly, I have learned from them, almost immediately, which to me, makes this book valuable.  I think it might be aimed at someone with some experience , as some things she talks about I’ve never heard of, although that just means I have to look them up! The section on supplies is helpful, and I have most of them, so probably others will too.

I recommend this book, it takes you to another world 🙂







Index card

well, I was looking at the memorydex by Heidi Swapp, and i liked it but it was too expensive. So I decided to do a cheap version. 

here’s my version :
and the first card I made. It was packaging from an ebay purchase, and based on a mimi Bondi picture I saw her do online. I really enjoyed this!

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Playing with water colours

I got a new book for my birthday, which arrived yesterday. It’s called “Creative Girl – mixed media techniques for an artful life”. 

Within it, was an exercise for your water colours. It said write the names of the colours down and put watercolour over them, and the other one was to do the same with random ones. Although for the second exercise I didn’t use enough water I think, I’m still pleased with what I learned, which was how much colour to put on your brush, and how the colours reacted with each other, and the combinations of colours and how they looked. 
See the picture below:

The top strip is exercise 1, number 2 below it. 
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In my quest to find new things to do in my journal, I found Zenspirations ! These two monograms are inspired by Joanne Fink , who demonstrates for Sakura of America . She has several books on the subject and is an excellent calligrapher. 
These are my first two attempts, and although not great by any means, they are a start, and I am pleased with how they turned out. The top one is an R, the bottom is a C. Check my  Pinterest board to see more of what I’m talking about 🙂 or locate Joanne Fink at Www.sakuraofamerica.com 🙂