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A happy page and the Ugly page:)

I was putting  candle wax on my pages to stop them sticking( a tip from Mimi Bondi) , and I came across this happy page – I obviously did this In a moment of happiness , and it shows, the colours are great and it’s just an altogether happy page!


The Ugly Page

well, it had to happen sooner or later – a page that is ugly. I have managed to bring a few pages back from the brink, but this one was lovely to start with, and I’m not sure what I was thinking (indeed did I think?!) I must say that I enjoyed it though! It’s called “enjoy the process” but even the words aren’t clearly written, but I truly did enjoy this though, and my art journal is for me, so there’s no real judgement there 🙂


Have a crafty day!





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