my first painting request!!!

So, a little while ago someone asked me to do a picture based on one of my journal entries. I was very nervous , but I did it for her. She saw my original on Instagram.

Here is  me with the painting:

cheryl weave painting

The Original had Reach for the Stars instead of Weave your Magic on it, but she is a weaver so I wanted to make it specifically for her, so I amended it 🙂

It was hard to get the proportions right because this art board is bigger than my journal (much!!) so it took several attempts. It caused sleepless nights but I’m glad I did, as people have been very supportive, and I have been asked to do another by the lovely peeps at www.flyingcauldron.co.uk so I am starting on that tomorrow – I’m taking the day off of doing things for others as I found the above picture quite hard! I need to have fun, and who knows what will come out of it??? its been such a journey so far!!!! 🙂

see you next time!




Meet Matilda the Angel :)

So, I’ve done my first Angel. I wanted to do one because I love them, but I was nervous! Still, here she is, and it appears people on Instagram like her 🙂 in fact, I’ve had people saying they like my work, which stuns me! I’m shocked that anyone would like it. I’ve even been asked if I sell stuff!!!!!!! It’s made me so happy!!! 🙂 anyway, here she is: she has Pitt pen and mod podge wings, watercolour hair, a Pastel and Faber castell face , and I think Faber castel background. ( I did the background around a month ago, hence why I’m not sure ) I hope you like her!


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Feel the fear and journal !


Remember I said I was not feeling it with journaling as I’d got stuck. Well, I’ve found that strong emotions can trigger journaling ! So, I am worried about an up and coming op. I felt the need to journal my feelings, and two pages just appeared!!! The first one wasn’t instantaneous, as I had a leave and come back to it, but the more I worried, the easier it became to complete. Today’s (with the girl) was done in a couple of hours!

Here is my first one (Saturday) :



I have called this “knots of worry”

today’s – called feel the fear


I hope you like them! 🙂



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A new blog of note!


Ive been following Jenn Sher since I saw her work on Pinterest. She is learning arty stuff, and she’s just finding a style, so I can relate to her really well. Art makes her heart sing, and her love of all things arty really show on her blog. She’s definitely an inspirer! Go and take a peep for yourself – and what’s more, she’s doing a giveaway that closes on the 11 January!!!h – she’s giving away a cute little Mermaid drawing on her page 🙂

http://thesherhouse.com/hooray-its-time-for-a-giveaway The Sher house



Art Journal Page – Mission Inspiration – “Grab it!”

Join in! 🙂

Mike Deakin Art


Today I’m officially launching my Mission Inspiration Facebook Group. Many of you have said how much you’ve enjoyed the collaborations I’ve done with other artists on the Mission Inspiration series and requested to play along too. So I’ve officially set up the Facebook group so that you lovely people can also play.

Each month I’ll upload a new Mission Inspiration Brief for you to work with. All you have to do is to create a project using the mission brief and add a link to your project, either photograph or video, in a comment on the Facebook Group page! Couldn’t be easier!

To access the group, just click the link in the right hand sidebar!

Here is this months Mission Inspiration Brief!MIJAN16

And it wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t play along too, so here’s my process video of the art journal page you see above! Hope you enjoy!

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Happy new year and first journal page of 2016

I hope you all saw the year in well. I certainly did! I found myself tango-ing with my husband!! We did have fun!

So, today was the finish of the Woman Unleashed course. I drew how I felt – my heart was sparkly, and it felt glowy, and as though it was being held. So here’s what I did:


I got new sparkly paints, and that’s what I used for this. They are pastel colours and they only cost 5.00 and there’s 30 colours so I’m very pleased and I love the gentle way they look! 🙂

see you soon!