my first painting request!!!

So, a little while ago someone asked me to do a picture based on one of my journal entries. I was very nervous , but I did it for her. She saw my original on Instagram.

Here is  me with the painting:

cheryl weave painting

The Original had Reach for the Stars instead of Weave your Magic on it, but she is a weaver so I wanted to make it specifically for her, so I amended it 🙂

It was hard to get the proportions right because this art board is bigger than my journal (much!!) so it took several attempts. It caused sleepless nights but I’m glad I did, as people have been very supportive, and I have been asked to do another by the lovely peeps at www.flyingcauldron.co.uk so I am starting on that tomorrow – I’m taking the day off of doing things for others as I found the above picture quite hard! I need to have fun, and who knows what will come out of it??? its been such a journey so far!!!! 🙂

see you next time!




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