So, we bought a smoothie maker from lidls yesterday. We wanted it so breakfast wouldn’t be such a chore. 

Last night we tried a strawberry, banana and kiwi one (I loved it!!) 

Then Reg tried a spinach based one. I really didn’t like it! 

Then this morning I made this: 1 cup spinach, 1 kiwi, 1 banana and some milk. Now that’s breakfast!!!! 

Hopefully this will be the start of a better diet!!! 


What’s on my table 

I’ve seen other blog posts of this nature, so I thought I’d do this (while you can still see my desk!) 

I have oracle cards on there because I’m currently doing a course on oracle cards (I’m a tarot reader but I love oracle cards!) 

the altoid tin has pans of watercolour in it. 

The two little jam pots have water for cleaning my brushes:)

The Salt lamp adds a glow and concentration to my work 🙂

The colour wheel chopping board came from home bargains and I find it a real inspiration.

The red case contains some Of my traveling kit. 

The book is my current work – watercolour mapping. 

What is on your table? 


Rolly the Rolodex

Well hello again.

I’ve been a bit non-creative as i went into hospital for what was supposed to be a quick procedure. I landed up staying overnight and being quite unwell.

Anyway, Jo came to see me , and borrow something. We talked about swapping Rolodexes as I didn’t like the whiteness of my Heidi Swapp one. She gave me this:


meet Rolly the Rolodex. Its much smaller and i love it!!! its not so pristine and clinical, as my old one was.

if you want to find out what I am doing then here’s a link to my Pinterest board I hope you find it interesting, and DO follow me on Pinterest if you wish!!! 🙂

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Results of the page test, and more! 

Remember I started a book for my meditative painting? I was going to try the first page, to see if the paper was any good. Here’s the results:

It’s not great, but I haven’t put the gel pen on yet, it might look better then! 

On Tuesday Sasha came over and we did an art journal lesson. It went really well.

I went to see Jo today – here’s us, and the face she drew:


Jo’s work. It’s really lovely! She gave me goodies to open prior to going into hospital (I’m going in for a little visit next week) which is so kind of her!! ❤️ – I haven’t opened them yet!!!! 

So, lots to do tomorrow (a woman’s work is never done) 🙂 

See you soon arty peeps!!! 


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A new blog of note!


Ive been following Jenn Sher since I saw her work on Pinterest. She is learning arty stuff, and she’s just finding a style, so I can relate to her really well. Art makes her heart sing, and her love of all things arty really show on her blog. She’s definitely an inspirer! Go and take a peep for yourself – and what’s more, she’s doing a giveaway that closes on the 11 January!!!h – she’s giving away a cute little Mermaid drawing on her page 🙂 The Sher house


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Why journal?

My mum, who isnt known for her artistic tendencies , asked me why I have taken up art journaling.

My mum has never drawn, she doesn’t really share how she feels, whereas I do. Herein lies the reason why i like to journal:

  • I enjoy it, it helps me gather my thoughts and solidify how I feel.
  • It helps me make sense of my world.
  • It is like a meditation for me
  • It brings colour into my life, and as a colour therapist, that’s important to me.
  • It stretches my mind and imagination 
  • It makes me look at the world in a new way
  • It makes life fun!
So, I need to ask… why do you journal? If you don’t, what do you do instead? id love to know! 🙂