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Another busy day, and cream tea too!

Hello Readers! 

It’s been a rush around week this week, but today we managed some respite. 
Reg needed an eye test so we popped to whitstable, and I took advantage and went to the craft shop while I was there. I bought a few dies at 2:00 each. They were such a bargain I couldn’t walk out without them. (That’s my excuse anyway!)
Then a trip into George’s, where I discovered they sold embellishments, washi tape and roller glue. So, I splurged a little there too. Everything was around a pound!!!! 
Here’s my combined shopping:
In the afternoon, we went to Mortimers in Herne Bay as we won a cream tea for 4 in a raffle for kids with cancer. It was lovely:

We went with our friends Brenda and graham. It was really good and highly recommended! 

I’ll be line dancing next week to wear it off!!! 
Have a good weekend!!!
Bargain, coffee, happy mail

It’s a busy life!

Today has been nuts! we’ve been really busy today!

I got some bargains while shopping in sainsbury:

Page tabs, office clips and notebooks. Each things was just over a pound. Bargain! 

Then I got some travel themed happy mail from Jessica:

Then I managed to walk past the Kent Coffee Lab (must go in there!!!!!) and took a photo of their board today: 

It’s an old joke but a good one and it made me smile. 

Apart from blog hopping and running around, that’s it for today! 
Line dancing tomorrow – I must be mad – it’s my first time!!! 🙂