angel, brain dump, Gesso, journal, Kelly Rae Roberts

Gesso and tracing

I was really lucky on Sunday. The rugby was on so Reg watched it, which gave me the perfect opportunity to do some arty stuff 🙂

First of all I gesso’d pages in several journals, so they would all be ready for painting over. 
When my journal “brain dump ” was dry I drew an angel inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts’s work.
Gesso – a primer for paper so that it can accept paint onto it, with minimal absorption. 🙂 

A couple of gesso’d pages – I believe this is my brain dump one. I did all my journals 🙂 
The Angel inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts:
Yes I know it’s not great, but it’s not meant to be perfect. It’s actually called “Embrace Imperfection ” . As yet, it’s not quite finished.