art, Colour mapping, Meditative

Results of the page test, and more! 

Remember I started a book for my meditative painting? I was going to try the first page, to see if the paper was any good. Here’s the results:

It’s not great, but I haven’t put the gel pen on yet, it might look better then! 

On Tuesday Sasha came over and we did an art journal lesson. It went really well.

I went to see Jo today – here’s us, and the face she drew:


Jo’s work. It’s really lovely! She gave me goodies to open prior to going into hospital (I’m going in for a little visit next week) which is so kind of her!! ❤️ – I haven’t opened them yet!!!! 

So, lots to do tomorrow (a woman’s work is never done) 🙂 

See you soon arty peeps!!!