collage, gelato,, journal, wimsy

A happy blog page!

After the darkness of the last journal spread i wanted to be a little less intense. So, i was inspired by the You Tube videos of Nicoletta Zanella, and did this happy page. Its the first time ive collaged, and as yet, incomplete, but i wanted to put it up because it makes me happy 🙂 

Ive used gelatos for the background, and a Stabilo all pencil in brown to outline. Ive yet to put some doors on, and more “stuff” 🙂 i must admit i am enjoying this page!!! 🙂 

Art journal page, collage, gelato, mixed medium

Latest journal page

Well, I’ve been busy, but I have been doing this journal page as I walked by it from time to time. I’d put a layer on, then walk off to do some work, then as I walked back, I did another:) I’ve not finished it yet, but I wanted to share because I really like it. 🙂 for some reason I can’t put the whole picture in here! But this gives you an idea of the page anyway!