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Happy mail – stencil and ascetate stamping

I got more happy mail yesterday! The lovely Debby gifted me a stencil that I totally loved! I don’t have many stencils so I’m really grateful. She also included some stamped butterflies and dragonflies, some on acetate with an explanation of how to work with them 🙂 

I’m very excited as on the stencil packaging it said you could emboss with it, and I’m going to try that!!! Watch this space 🙂 

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Yet more happy mail!!!

I didn’t have the best day yesterday. It was a little stressful but I have made a decision 🙂 

On a good note, among yesterday’s madness I got some happy mail and no one has said who sent it even though I’ve asked:) here it is:
So I’m very pleased but I’d love to thank the sender 🙂 
It was another mad day, and I worked in the evening:
It was good fun, but hard work. 
I’ve got some mad days ahead but I’m looking forward to a relaxing Sunday, finishing off some swap items 🙂 
Happy Friday!!!!!

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It’s a busy life!

Today has been nuts! we’ve been really busy today!

I got some bargains while shopping in sainsbury:

Page tabs, office clips and notebooks. Each things was just over a pound. Bargain! 

Then I got some travel themed happy mail from Jessica:

Then I managed to walk past the Kent Coffee Lab (must go in there!!!!!) and took a photo of their board today: 

It’s an old joke but a good one and it made me smile. 

Apart from blog hopping and running around, that’s it for today! 
Line dancing tomorrow – I must be mad – it’s my first time!!! 🙂 
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Playing catch up :)

Today was a good day 🙂 we went to the local church and they had a chance to play the organ, so hubby enquired. The next thing I know, he is seated at the organ playing Danny boy!!!! Reg was so excited, he has always wanted to play a church organ. So, that’s a bucket list thing to tick off 🙂

Here’s some pictures of the things I made for a lady called Roxy – they were to thank her for sending me a heart die and other goodies through the post 🙂

The above has a journaling tag that pulls out. 
Also, today I received happy mail! Here’s some from Debby. I’m really pleased – I asked how she made a specific tag, so she kindly sent me the ingredients! : 
Then finally , I did the inside cover of the travel journal: 

The tag says what the idea of the book is. Really enjoyed doing this! Well, that’s it for a Saturday! X

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Happy mail and thank you card

on Saturday, i received happy mail from my friend in Surrey. She sent me a set of Runes and a painting of an angel she did. I’m going to put it up in the Butterfly House, where I work. Here they are:

im really chuffed with them! I have made a thank you card to send her:
The card from the front

Close up of her face. 
The Verse
I really enjoyed making this card, and I hope she likes it! 🙂 
And now on to today’s work. A reading, and writing a worksheet are on the agenda today. If only it would stop raining! going to be loud in the Butterfly House otherwise! 🙂