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Catch up :) 15-11-15

I seem to be chasing my tail at the moment! 

I have done lesson two of the Mimi Bondi no shenanigans course: 
Im not over fond of my results although i learned a lot. I bought crackle medium today, so ill cover it with that and see what happens;) 
And, as ever, ive done some journal pages:
Close ups:
This was a print pdf i bought from etsy with some others 

This is stuck down with velcro. Journaling is underneath 
This was made by the lovely Jo! From her pocket letter 🙂 
And then i ran out of mojo, so i did this small index card. 

I hope you like what ive done 🙂 

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Playing catch up :)

Today was a good day 🙂 we went to the local church and they had a chance to play the organ, so hubby enquired. The next thing I know, he is seated at the organ playing Danny boy!!!! Reg was so excited, he has always wanted to play a church organ. So, that’s a bucket list thing to tick off 🙂

Here’s some pictures of the things I made for a lady called Roxy – they were to thank her for sending me a heart die and other goodies through the post 🙂

The above has a journaling tag that pulls out. 
Also, today I received happy mail! Here’s some from Debby. I’m really pleased – I asked how she made a specific tag, so she kindly sent me the ingredients! : 
Then finally , I did the inside cover of the travel journal: 

The tag says what the idea of the book is. Really enjoyed doing this! Well, that’s it for a Saturday! X