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Book cover 

I’ve found a spare blank journal to use for my meditative art. Here’s the front cover:

Sorry I can’t make the picture any smaller!

The white background is gesso, as I thought it would be a good base for working on. I’ve yet to try the paper – that’s today’s  aim, in between working- I’ll keep you posted!

Do you do meditative art? If so, what do you do? I’d be interested to know!

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Book review- creative girl by Danielle Donaldson

I got this book for my birthday in November , but it didn’t come until this past week.

Although this book is primarily about water colours, there is mixed media too. Colour is explored, doodling, composition and visual tension. I have done two of the exercises and I found them enjoyable and most importantly, I have learned from them, almost immediately, which to me, makes this book valuable.  I think it might be aimed at someone with some experience , as some things she talks about I’ve never heard of, although that just means I have to look them up! The section on supplies is helpful, and I have most of them, so probably others will too.

I recommend this book, it takes you to another world 🙂






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Finished journal page and my first painting!!!

I finished the journal page i started :

The whole page
The quote says: don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, that’s where all the best fruit is. 
I do feel rather like thats me now 🙂 – im going out on a limb!! 
Heres my first ever painting: 

I am going to give it to my friend brenda, who gave me a painting a couple of weeks ago. 🙂 its done with water colour pencils and i really enjoyed it! Im pleased with it! 🙂