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A new painting, Stazon ink and I won a competition!!!!!

work has been rather busy, so my creativity has taken a back seat for a while. However, I can report that the lady liked her picture , I’m looking forward to seeing a pic of it in her wall.

Here’s something I’ve literally just finished. The idea was that this was for my friend Sasha, but it didn’t turn out like my vision, so I’m starting again on hers. This became a test piece, so I tried some new Ida’s out on it. I stamped, inked and glittered this picture. I used Stazon ink, but I won’t be in future, it smells awful. It may work (which it does!) but I felt ill afterwards. You definitely need to use it in a well ventilated room!!!!!

Anyway here it is:


I used stamps on this piece, with Stazon ink. Now , I didn’t know it was solvent based, and that it would be fume filled. However , I know now!!!! I wont be using it again without taking precautions !

final bit of news is that I won a competition held on, for her Whimsical Animals course. I’m beyond excited and I have already been looking at the outline, and basics, and supply list. I recommend this course, because her method of teaching is very easy to understand, by the looks of it 🙂 I cant wait to start the main bit – it starts tomorrow!!! 🙂 do stop by her site and take a look at her work, it will take you to another world.

Anyway, that’s all for now people!!! happy Sunday!!!



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A new blog of note!


Ive been following Jenn Sher since I saw her work on Pinterest. She is learning arty stuff, and she’s just finding a style, so I can relate to her really well. Art makes her heart sing, and her love of all things arty really show on her blog. She’s definitely an inspirer! Go and take a peep for yourself – and what’s more, she’s doing a giveaway that closes on the 11 January!!!h – she’s giving away a cute little Mermaid drawing on her page 🙂 The Sher house


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A happy blog page!

After the darkness of the last journal spread i wanted to be a little less intense. So, i was inspired by the You Tube videos of Nicoletta Zanella, and did this happy page. Its the first time ive collaged, and as yet, incomplete, but i wanted to put it up because it makes me happy 🙂 

Ive used gelatos for the background, and a Stabilo all pencil in brown to outline. Ive yet to put some doors on, and more “stuff” 🙂 i must admit i am enjoying this page!!! 🙂